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We are a registered member of the Quality Care Commission View Our Audit Report Here.

La Petite Concierge (LPC) was established in 2006 and became a domiciliary care company in 2012. Covering Shifnal and the neighbouring Shropshire and Staffordshire areas, LPC provides a highly personal and professional service.

Our aim is to provide practical support in assisting people to live a fulfilled and happy life, and we pride ourselves in giving the highest possible care. LPC can offer a cost effective alternative to going into a residential or nursing home.

Our Care workers, who are fully trained and DBS (formerly CRB) checked, are committed to enhancing the lives of our service users and will ensure that their care is a number one priority, whilst maintaining the individuals’ dignity at all times.

We offer a comprehensive range of services personalised to the needs of our service users including social support, personal care, companionship services and holiday care.

Our Services

We offer a comprehensive range of different services, tailored to each persons individual needs. In order to provide the individual with a care service that matches their requirements exactly, LPC will visit and carry out a full assessment of the individuals’ circumstances and needs. Following this visit, we will be able to provide you with a fully costed care package.


Looking at the options for care funding can be a daunting and complex experience.

Care and support services are means-tested and not free to everyone and some people have to pay all of the costs. There are several options for funding care.

LPC will undertake care from service users with local authority funding, where the payments are sent to LPC direct. Direct payments is another option, where the local authority will forward payments, direct to the individual themselves, who then have the freedom to choose themselves which care company they wish to use.

LPC also will undertake caring for private service users, who cover payment themselves.

The NHS is responsible for funding certain types of healthcare equipment you may need and LPC will assist in getting any equipment needed for our service users.

LPC offers a unique service in which they will undertake checks for the individual to see that they are getting the full benefits, if any, they are entitled to. This also applies for care and support needs and LPC will point the person or their relatives in the right direction for getting an assessment done and what options are open.
We have a rigorous and selective recruitment programme to help us evaluate the individual who applies to work at LPC, as well as finding out about their qualifications and skills. The right attitude and compassion for the job is vital for us in securing the right team. The mandatory DBS check and references will then be obtained.

Once taken on board, they will undertake continuous in house training and personal development with full support from our supervisors. Our carers come in a wide range of ages, skills and experience, all with the same aim of providing the best possible service for our service users.

When faced with illness or immobility, it can be a struggle to carry out everyday activities that an individual may have once performed with ease. Our personal care service is designed to support the person with their day-to-day living, as well as providing the encouragement and emotional support that the individual needs to remain living independently. Our services can provide support with getting in and out of bed, dressing, administering medication, bathing and continence care, all at a time to suit the individual. Maintaining dignity is of great importance to us, which is why our care workers will ensure the individual will feel comfortable at all times.

Bathing – Our care workers are able to fully support service users with bathing requirements. They can assist with getting in and out of the bath or shower safely, as well helping wash and dry hair and body. If the service user is able to bathe independently, the care worker can sit with them and offer support, giving them extra peace of mind.

Dressing – For many individuals, simple tasks can become problematic. If a service user needs help getting dressed and undressed, fastening buttons or tying laces, our care workers can provide support to make the whole process easier.

Bed Routine – Our care workers are able to assist with getting in and out of bed, at a time which suits the service users own routine.

Continence – We are able to support both urinary and faecal continence while preserving dignity at all times. Our care workers will assist the service user in getting to and from the toilet and where required will monitor personal hygiene in order to ensure health and comfort. This can include changing catheter and stoma bags, incontinence pads and sheets, as well as help with bathing and changing clothing.

Meal Times – LPC can support with all aspects of meal times. This can include assisting with the weekly shop, helping with preparation of meals and managing the food in the service users home.

Household Tasks – Our care workers can assist with light household duties as part of our personal care service and will help with tasks such as laundry, vacuuming and washing up. If preferred, our care workers can just be on hand to offer support should the individual wish to complete the tasks themselves, thereby maintaining their independence.

Medication Assistance – Sometimes an individual may forget to take their prescribed medication or may struggle to take it the correct way, either which can have serious implications on their health. Our care workers can alleviate this worry by prompting or administering the medication correctly and thus ensuring the right dosage is given at the right time.

LPC can offer companionship services to those individuals who may be in need of social support and friendship. This helps promote their feelings of self worth and aids in their independence. Some examples of the support we can provide are:-

• Help plan and undertake outings and trips

• Visit friends and family

• Reminiscing and chats about the past

• Shopping – and/or monitor diet and nutrition

• Escort to appointments

• Buy newspapers and books

• Pay bills

• Help with reading

• Conversation and companionship

• Letter writing

• Form filling

• Home Help

• Collect prescriptions

• Dusting and vacuuming

• Help with washing and ironing

• Make beds and changing bed linen

• Meal preparation

• Help with general shopping

LPC can offer respite support for family members looking for a holiday or break.
LPC has considerable experience of caring for people with dementia in a domiciliary care setting. We are investing in training and developing the skills of our care workers to deal with service users who have the condition and to assist families in understanding and supporting their loved ones.

Tailored to Your Needs

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Join Our Friendly Social Care Team


Due to the continuing expansion of the company, LPC are always looking for friendly and caring staff to meet our criteria for providing the best possible service to our service users.

We need care-workers to work weekdays, weekends or to provide bank cover when regular care-workers are away sick or on holiday. You must be hard working, enthusiastic, dedicated and above all caring. In return LPC will offer a competitive rate of pay and pay mileage, flexible hours and excellent in house training.

We need care-workers to work weekdays, weekends or to provide bank cover when regular care workers are away sick or on holiday. You must be hard working, enthusiastic, dedicated and above all caring. In return LPC will offer rates of pay above the National Living Wage plus mileage costs. Own transport is preferable but not essential.

Experience in the care industry is not necessary as long as you have the right elements to join our team. If you do not have relevant qualifications, then you must be willing to work towards them, where you will be given full support. Excellent training is provided together with personal development plans leading to improved career prospects.

If you would like an application pack or just a chat to find out more, please Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is La Petite Concierge Ltd registered with the appropriate governing bodies?

Yes, we are registered with the Quality Care Commission (CQC) and a member of SPIC (Shropshire Partners In Care).

Will La Petite Concierge visit my home before starting their service?

LPC will undertake a full assessment at your home to ensure that the care package we provide is fully tailored to your needs.

Will La Petite Concierge help me with my pets?

La Petite Concierge will do everything to support you in your home, but we cannot guarantee that we can help with your pets. However, we will make every endeavour to send a care worker who feels comfortable in assisting with them.

What If I need help extra to my allocated time?

If your home care is contracted via Social Services then we may have to contact them to get permission to put the extra visit in place. Otherwise we will adjust your visits to meet your immediate needs. We will work with you to provide the support you need.

What is your Complaints Procedure?

If you have concerns about the care you, or someone else, have received from a care worker there are a number of options open to you depending on the nature of your concerns. Please review our Complaints Procedure at the bottom of this page.

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Your Questions Answered

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Proud To Go The Extra Mile


“I have always found LPC very good to me. The care workers are very nice, caring and attentive. I am very happy with the service that is provided, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

“I do want you to know what a difference you made to my Aunt’s last few months, she looked forward to your visits enormously”

“Thanks for the loving care and friendship given to us over the past year”

“Full marks – your two ladies were both calm, pleasant and efficient. We couldn’t have wished for more”

Contact Us

For more information about the group please complete the form below and we will be in touch as soon as possible.

Alternatively call us: 01952 463301

Address: La Petite Concierge Limited, 13b Victoria Road, Shifnal, TF11 8AF

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We hope you are happy overall with our service but we understand issues arise from time to time, please review our complaints procedure and find our complaints form at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

What can I expect from a La Petite Concierge Ltd (LPC) social care worker?

If you have concerns about the care you, or someone else, have received from a care worker there are a number of options open to you depending on the nature of your concerns.

  • You might want to speak directly to the worker to let them know your concerns and what you would like to see changed. Many worries about a care worker can be resolved without involving LPC Management.
  • If you are worried about talking to the worker, or have spoken with the worker and are still unhappy with their work, you should talk to their Supervisor. You should also contact the management if you are unhappy with the type of service you are getting, or if you would like additional support from the organisation.
  • You should tell LPC about any behaviour by a social care worker that seriously worries you and that doesn’t meet with our agreed standards.

Examples of the behaviour you should always report to LPC are:

  • Stealing money or property from a service user
  • Assaulting a service user or a significant other
  • Rough physical or verbal contact
  • Intimidating a service user
  • Making sexual advances to a service user
  • Failing to provide agreed standard of care

If you are not sure about whether to complain do not worry – get in touch with us and talk it over with one of our staff.

How do I make a complaint to La Petite Concierge Ltd?

The following written information will normally be needed for us to investigate a formal complaint:

  • Your name and address
  • The social care worker’s name
  • An explanation of what happened to concern you, give dates where possible
  • Names and addresses of anyone else who will support your complaint
  • Details of any other complaints you have made about this concern

You should use the attached complaint form to provide this information. If you need help to fill in the form please contact us and we will try to help you, or put you in touch with someone who can.

We can only take action if:

  • The complaint is about specific behaviour by the worker that does not meet our agreed standards.
  • We get evidence to support the complaint.
  • We have received a completed and signed Complaints Form, which will help us to record the complaint and take action quickly.

We will do what we can to find out what happened. To do this we will need to share the information with others.

  • We will look at all complaints very carefully to make sure that you get the appropriate advice.
  • If we cannot take any action we will write to you explaining our decision.
  • If the issue is serious, there is evidence to back up your complaint and La Petite Concierge Ltd has determined that it should take action; LPC must inform the social care worker and the person making the complaint. If we decide to take this action we will contact you and tell you what will happen next.
What can the La Petite Concierge Ltd do?

We can make sure that social care workers are trained to do the jobs they are expected to do and to work to the agreed standards. In very serious circumstances we can bar someone, which would prevent them working as a social care worker anywhere in the UK.

What La Petite Concierge Ltd cannot do:
  • Deal with complaints about anyone who is not a member of staff.
  • Pay you compensation.
  • Fine a social care worker.
  • Tell a social care worker to apologise to you.
  • Order a social care worker to provide you with the services you want, however we may initate disciplinary procedures.
In order to deal effectively with complaints about our social care workers La Petite Concierge will:

Communicate with you using your preferred method.

  • Acknowledge receipt of your complaint within five working days.
  • Be in touch with you to let you know what is happening to your complaint – within 28 days of acknowledging receipt of your complaint form.
Care funded by your local council

If you are not happy with the reply you receive from La Petite Concierge Ltd when you complain, you can take your complaint to your local social services department.

You will need to follow their complaints procedure – You can find the address of your local social services department at

If you are not satisfied with the final reply from La Petite Concierge Ltd or your local social services department, you can complain to the Local Government Ombudsman.

There are three local government ombudsmen in England. They each deal with complaints from different parts of the country. However, you should first send your complaint to:

The Local Government Ombudsman,
PO Box 4771, Coventry CV4 0EH.
Phone: 0300 061 0614 or 0845 602 1983.

Complaints that are referred to the Ombudsman are known as “Stage 2” complaints.

Complaints about care that you pay for yourself

You can ask the Local Government Ombudsman to take up your case if you are not happy about how your complaint was dealt with.